Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Book Club Discussion Questions The Selection by Kiera Cass

The Selection by Kiera Cass

1.  What did you think of the selection contest?  Did anything strike you as odd or interesting?
2.  What were your first impressions of America (before the selection)?  How about during the contest?
3.  What did you think of her "friends only" approach to the contest?
4.  During the selection there is a constant threat of attack, would you have wanted to be at the castle under those conditions? why or why not?  How does these attacks add/ take away from the contest?
5. What do you think of Maxon?
6.  What do you think of the "friendship of Maxon and America?  How does this affect their relationship?
7.  Towards the end of the book what is your thoughts about Aspen?
8. Team Aspen or Team Maxon?????

7th Grade book club December

Book Clubs

I host two book clubs one for 7th graders and one for 8th graders.  I do these separate because we meet over lunch since it is the one time where everyone is together. In our school we have an activity period at the end of the day for clubs and such but the kids are so involved that it is a nightmare to find a day where everyone can attend.  So I provide the lunch and the kids come and eat and discuss.  First I want to say that I LOVE my book club kids.  I truly love all my students but these are the kids who really get excited about what they are reading and since I do as well...... well you can understand our connection!

7th grade book club
This year I didn't start the book clubs until a little later (which gives me time to get to know my 7th graders).  Our first book we read was (drum roll please......) The Selection.  Now I am not a fan of reality TV so the first time someone compared it to the Bachelor, I was less than excited to read it.  I must say though, I was pleasantly surprised at just how much I liked the book (see my book review of The Selection).  My students where in love with the book ( most have finished the series by now).  Our first lunch was walking tacos which are super easy and a favorite for kids.  Needless to say we had a great discussion and good food, nothing could be better.  I have also attached some of the discussion questions I used to "break the ice" here.

Stay tuned for our next book club discussion, The Raven Boys by Maggie Stiefvater!