Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Book Review: Game by Barry Lyga

  Game by Barry Lyga
  Review by Janine

   Game is the sequel to the book I Hunt Killers.  This book is a continuation in the life of Jasper Dent, better know to his friends as Jazz, and better known to the rest of the world as the son of one of the most notorious serial killers, Billy Dent.  Being raised by a serial killer has left Jazz with plenty to question in his life, but it has made him as invaluable resource to the law enforcement community.  You see, Jazz just wasn't raised by Billy, but was being groomed to be the next serial killer, which means that Jazz knows that elusive question, "What is the serial killer thinking"?  Jazz is being called upon to help law enforcement as another serial killer is on the loose in New York City.  This, however, will be unlike anything Jazz has faced before.  As old demons come back to haunt him, the questions remain: who are the players in the game, what are the rules, and what is the prize?
  If you read my review of I Hunt Killers, you will know that I LOVED that book and was anxiously awaiting the release of the next book.  I am here to tell you that I was not disappointed!!!!!! This book was awesome! You dive right back into the town with the same characters and some new, and let us say interesting, additions (like Jazz's aunt, who just for the record, I am on the fence about) and of course a new crime to solve.  This one is in New York City and is fairly gruesome ( I will not go into details but there were definitely a couple of ewwww parts!!!!).  Jazz, from the beginning, is suspicious that his father (who at the end of the first book escapes from jail) is involved in some way.  What I love about this book is the complexity of the Game.  Even at the end of the book, when we are given a better understanding of what the game is, it is still a little mind boggling and leaves questions unanswered.  I found myself as I was reading, marveling at how the author could come up with something like this..... the twists and turns, the rules and the players. I was in awe ( and to be perfectly honest, this makes me wish, for the thousandth time that I could write something this awesome!) Not only is the game quite complex but so is Jazz.  You have a boy who was raised by a serial killer, who was present and privy to some seriously life altering situations of which he can't forget.  He also can't forgive himself for what he believes is unwillingness at the time to stop his father, or to at least do something to help the victims.  Combine that with the fact that he still has Billy's voice in his head, "teaching" him what he needs to know to be just like him, and you have one conflicted and complex character.  One that is easy to like but would also be scary to know.  I will not give away any spoilers but the ending I swear that you could hear me scream into the next state.  Not because someone dies (after all it is a murder mystery) but because it just ends...... everything.  It is like the "to be continued" at the best part in a TV show... AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!! and then to top it all off there is this, no way moment RIGHT AT THE END!!!! and now the waiting will begin again for the next book because I must know what happens!!

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Book Review: Born Wicked By Jessica Spotswood

            Born Wicked  Jessica Spotswood

               Review by Janine

 This is the story about the three Cahill sisters: Cate, Maura and Teresa, and they share a secret, one with fatal consequences. They are witches.  Witches once used to be everywhere, but the Brothers have come in and destroyed most of them.  Now that the Brothers have taken over, no one is above suspicion.  Those who are accused are sent to prison ships, an asylum, or are murdered.  No one takes this threat more seriously than Cate.  As her mother lay dying, she entrusted her oldest daughter to keep their secrets and, more importantly, to keep her sisters safe.  Cate must keep this secret from everyone including their father, housekeepers and servants--anyone who would potentially do them harm.  As things begin to spin out of Cate’s control, can she keep their secrets while still being true to herself?
   I will start this out by saying, that I LOVED this book!!!!! What initially drew me to this book was that it was about witches.  Any book with a supernatural element really appeals to me and has since the first time I read Anne Rice.  What made this book even better for me was the setting, it is set in the early 1800’s, which completely gives is another element for me, believeability (which I am not even sure is word!) While I know that a book about witches, isn’t necessarily believable, it is grounded in believable elements.  Those being time period, which we all know of the persecution of witches, whether real or not.  Another being the setting which is a town that you would consider to be typical, one with class systems, where girls are to be trained according their place in the town and behave in such a way that is above reproach.  At the beginning of the book, Cate is just another 16 year old living in her town trying to watch over and protect her sisters.  Protecting them from the Brotherhood, who would just as soon turn them in as witches and from being caught doing witchcraft.  When a governess arrives from the Sisterhood to train them to be proper ladies, Cate knows that something isn’t what it seems, and she is doing everything she can to figure out what it is.  There is so much underlying in this story, but to me is things aren’t always what they seem to be.  In this book, so much of what you first think of something or someone changes as you read further on.  That is what made me keep reading, the twists and turns just when you think you have figured one person out, they change.  I also love the complicated relationship of the sisters themselves.  That to me helped make the book, more “real” to me.  For as much as you learn in this book about the girls and their lives, is as much (as I think back) that I don’t know. This is one of those books that has it all: a love story, witches, complicated friendships, difficult siblings and a governess who is more than what she seems.  I am glad that I waited to read this because the next one is coming out soon and I can’t wait to read it!!!