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Well-Read in YA is created by 2 high school librarians.  Our intention is to share our knowledge and opinions of library programming ideas, events, and (of course!) Young Adult Literature.  Therefore, we encourage authors or publishers to share with us Advance Reader copies of books directed at teen audiences, as well as adult books that are appropriate for teen readers.  We will strive to review books in a timely manner.  
However, we both work full-time as librarians, and we both work full-time at home as moms of young children; therefore, we cannot guarantee a time frame for our reviews.  We also accept paper and digital copies of ARCs. We do accept compensation for any reviews posted on this blog.

Any reviews published on this blog, are the opinions of Well-Read in YA.  They are not that of our employer or any organizations to which we are affiliated.

As our schedule allows, we are also interested in hosting author interviews, guest bloggers, and anything else that helps us to support, feature, and otherwise promote young adult authors and literature.

We have added a grading scale to our reviews to make them more reader friendly.  Please read the following for a better understanding of our scale;

The Grading Scale

A - The book was outstanding, it will have a wide appeal to the young adult reader.  Get to the bookstore NOW!
B- The book was great, there will be appeal to the young adult reader. I would order and have in my collection.
C - The book was ok, there is either not much appeal or will only appeal to a specific reader/ group of readers.  I may place it in my collection if there is extra money!
D- The book was so-so. I wouldn’t recommend for a collection

F- The book is something that I would not only not have in my collection but would not recommend for anyone else

For any additional information, comments, or questions, please contact us at:

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