Monday, March 25, 2013


Book Cover Necklaces

I have 4 teams at my high school library who read and practice all year long to compete at a county-wide academic reading quiz competition.  To show them appreciation for all of their hard work and all of the hours spent reading, I wanted to do something for them.  After some quick research, I came across the WONDERFUL post on Marissa Fischer's "Rae Gun Ramblings" blog:  Marissa not only has created absolutely beautiful necklaces with the Divergent and Insurgent book covers, but she generously provides step-by-step directions on her blog.  

So... because each of my four team names/tee-shirts were based on a different book, I decided to make four different necklaces (one per team).  I solicited the help of a fellow teacher who is an experienced crafter.  We made one Harry Potter one, one Divergent one, a Fault in Our Stars one, and an Avengers graphic novel one.  

These were so easy to make, and I thought they would make a great book craft program for teens to do on their own!  My only warning is that they take some time to dry, so your patrons may have to leave them and pick them up later or another day, and then put the cord on their glass tile charm.  

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  1. It looks like a blast! I'm glad you could put my tutorial to god use. And seriously that sounds like such an awesome reading program :)